Wu Wanshui, founder of Purac: Don't talk about "black technology", just make the home clean to the extreme

In recent years, with the rising purchasing power of residents, the gradual intelligentization of home life and the significant trend of aging population, the domestic demand for sweeping robots has grown rapidly

Around 2016, sweeping robots quickly seized the minds of consumers with the concept of "black technology", and their popularity has been out of control. In the face of a vast market of tens of billions of dollars, established home appliance companies such as Haier and Midea, as well as vertical technology companies such as Ecovacs and Stone, have flocked to the market.

After experiencing continuous high-speed growth, sweeping robots began to show a cooling trend in 2019. Obviously, the first wave of "black technology" concept dividends have ended. Slowly, negative comments such as "pseudo-intelligence", "fakes" and "impracticality" have also emerged one after another, and the industry urgently needs to get rid of the virtual and real.

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Wu Wanshui, a deep cultivator in the sweeper industry, has never commented on changes in the industry. In 2019, Pureatic, the sweeper brand he founded, was at a peak in sales. After three years of sharpening a sword, without excessive marketing and promotion, this cutting-edge brand has risen rapidly and sales have soared.

This contrarian upward state stems from Wu Wanshui's sobriety: "The reason for some problems in the industry is due to excessive consumption of hot spots and neglect of technology research and development. I don't want to talk about the concept of 'black technology', Pureatic is just a home cleaning company. , ease of use is our standard."
'Pureatic': Technology for a cleaner life
Around 2008, Wu Wanshui entered the field of sweeping robots to do technology research and development, providing technical solutions for foreign markets. Due to years of intensive research and development, the idea of "being a national brand of its own" gradually took root in his heart. Nearly a decade later, that dream is finally starting to come true.

In 2016, Wu Wanshui and several fellow engineers took over "Shenzhen Fuhuihong Electronic Technology" and spent 2 years on product development.

"January 2, 2018, I remember it very clearly." Looking back at the beginning of the business, he was filled with emotion, "We officially moved to this office, with a team of five, four R&D personnel, and one back-office support." At that time, everything was simple. I borrowed a large conference table from a friend and started working.

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In Wu Wanshui's view, a robot vacuum cleaner is a cleaning tool like a washing machine, and practicality is the most important thing. The team's values are very unified, to make a practical sweeper, and truly realize the popularization of sweepers in household cleaning. Therefore, there is a combination of "Pureatic: 'pure clean' + 'automatic automatic machinery technology'. Using the power of automation and technology to bring a clean life to the public is the original intention of the company.

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The team members' survey found that most households have a pain point in floor cleaning: the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the TV cabinet, the bottom of the bed and other sanitary corners are difficult to clean, and these places are the hardest-hit areas. "Visible garbage is actually not dirty. Dust is the gathering place for bacteria and mites, which really affects the quality of the home environment." Wu Wanshui explained, so he wanted to make a thin enough sweeper.

By October 2018, Pureatic's first product, Pureatic V101, was born. Compared with the conventional 9cm sweeper and the 5.6cm ultra-thin sweeper on the market, the Pureatic V101 comes out on top with its 2.95cm slim body.

The ultra-thin body can be "drilled" into the bottom of each furniture for cleaning, which expands the cleaning coverage area; the body is designed in a square shape, which fits well with the corner of the house, and the cleaning effect is more thorough.

When the product was launched, Wu Wanshui wrote his phone number as an after-sales phone number, "to understand the feedback from users as soon as possible." Sure enough, not long after the product was launched, he only heard the frantic beeping of the phone every day. Several users responded: "What's the matter? It's the first time I use this machine, and the garbage can't be sucked in within 20 minutes?"

Wu Wanshui immediately called the R&D personnel, and then experimented with the machine, and found that there was no problem. Finally, they found the reason: the first time they cleaned the dead corner, there was too much dust and the trash box was blocked.
In order not to make the same "joke", the team decided to put a "warm reminder" on the bottom of the next batch of products: "Because the machine will clean the areas that cannot be cleaned normally, the garbage box is very easy to install when it is used for the first time. If the machine is full, it will cause the garbage to be blocked. When you use the machine for the first time, please clean the garbage box every 30 minutes. You can clean it as normal for the second and subsequent use.”

In addition to the ultra-thin body, the appearance of the Pureatic V101 also created a record-almost the lowest price in the sweeping robot market at that time, only 799 yuan. Compared with the price of two or three thousand at every turn, Pureatic V101 is completely "cabbage price".

This is the strategy of Wu Wanshui's team: "Since the sweeper is to become a necessities of life, the price must be lowered. We save marketing costs, concentrate on research and development and make products, in order to truly achieve super cost-effectiveness."
For wood floor cleaning, study a mop for 7 months

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In the beginning, two or three Pureatic products were sold every day, and slowly thirty units were sold. By January 2019, 100 units were sold in one day. Wu Wanshui took the whole team to celebrate.
"One of the things I'm proud of is that at the beginning of last year, I might have to receive hundreds of calls a day. Now I don't receive two or three calls a day, which means that customer satisfaction is improving." The improvement in satisfaction lies in Pureatic The (Purek) team's dedication to technology.

For example, the mop design of the Pureatic V6 series. This design comes from the consideration of the household cleaning scene. In China, wood flooring is the decoration choice of most consumers, which is beautiful and environmentally friendly, has strong thermal insulation and is easy to process.
But wooden floors have a disadvantage: they are not easy to clean. General cleaning methods often shorten the service life of wooden floors, such as mopping the floor with water, soaking the floor in water, and if it is not cleaned in place, it is easy to become black and moldy. Some granular dust and small grit are easy to hide in the cracks of the floor, and even scratch the wooden floor...
In order to adapt to the special texture of wooden floors, Wu Wanshui and his team members are going to customize a mop for the new product Pureatic V6E, which is used for cleaning wooden floors.

In March 2019, Wu Wanshui personally went to Japan to visit Toyobo Corporation. Toyobo is a top manufacturer of fibers and textiles in Japan, and has been making filters for domestic water purifiers for a long time. He believes that a clean-up solution can be found here.

Until September, a mop with a thickness of about 15mm was successfully developed.

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"We have done many tests, pour about 250ml of water into the mop, and then lift it upside down, so it won't drip." Wu Wanshui said. This mop is composed of 7 kinds of materials, with high density of hair planting, water absorption and oil absorption, and strong adhesion.

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Therefore, in the process of household cleaning, it can easily absorb the water in the wooden floor and the floor seam to ensure the long-lasting use of the wooden floor. The team reminded more intimately: "To clean the wooden floor, we recommend dry sweeping with a sweeper. It is not recommended to add water, especially in the humid coastal climate."

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According to data from Aowei Cloud, from January to October 2019, the sales volume of China's sweeping robot market was 4.19 million units, a year-on-year increase of 6%. According to estimates, the category of sweeping robots will maintain rapid development in the next 3 to 5 years, and the domestic market size will reach 17.8 billion in 2022.

In the tens of billions of market competition, in order to occupy a larger market share, in the final analysis, it is necessary to pay attention to the user experience. "If you don't pay attention to user needs and experience, you will fail sooner or later." Wu Wanshui said, this attitude is reflected in product design.

Considering that users need to clean the dust box after using the sweeper, the dust box of the Pureatic V6 series has also been innovatively designed. Wu Wanshui demonstrated the whole process on the spot. He took out the 600ml dust box with one hand, held the handle of the dust box cover, and pressed the button on the top of the box with one finger, and the dust box opened automatically. Taking out the garbage with one hand, people can be far away. In this way, users will not cause secondary damage to the respiratory tract when disposing of dust and garbage.

Users not only want the ground to be clean, but also look forward to cleaning their homes in a cleaner way. This is Wu Wanshui's understanding of users. He has always maintained the obsession of "technical control". With a little improvement in technology and products every day, sales will continue to grow, and more users will experience automated cleaning methods.

"At the end of the day, we want high technology to serve cleaning, not cleaning to serve high technology."
The founder of the technology control expressed his position. He revealed that around July 2020, Pureatic’s third-generation sweeper will be officially launched on the market, and users will experience multiple innovations in the product, such as automatic detection of garbage, smart cameras, and automatic water spray. and other functions.

As a cleaning-based technology brand, Pureatic is currently expanding product lines such as electric toothbrushes and integrated household intelligent cleaning systems, and mature products will be launched soon.
As promised when he started his business, Wu Wanshui and his team will continue to bring a cleaner life to the public